About Wind Energy

Wind energy provides a clean, sustainable resolution to our climate change problems. It can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in producing electricity, without directly emitting harmful greenhouse gases.

Using renewable energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions which are one of the main greenhouse gases causing climate change.

According to the SEAI, in 2017 alone wind energy cut out our CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tonnes and saved the Irish economy more than €220 million in fossil fuel imports. Source:  (https://www.seai.ie/resources/publications/Energy-in-Ireland-2018.pdf)

On the 17th June 2019, the Irish government announced an ambitious but realistic Climate Action Plan. This plan highlights that the window of opportunity to take effective climate action has approached and that as a country, we are way off the mark. Ireland’s aim ‘is to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate disruption’ and a core part of this Climate Action Plan is to ensure that we generate 70% of our electricity from renewables by 2030.